• St.Stephen's United Church


  • St.Stephen's United Church


Perhaps you find the concept of Jesus and God are not adequately supported by science or everyday experience. Maybe you acknowledge the Bible as literature, a historic document or as a useful tool to promote civilized behaviour in society. Perhaps you dislike the judgemental undertones of some churches.

Regardless of where you find yourself in life, or whatever worldview you hold, St. Stephen's embraces your individuality and welcomes you.

We are..

- An inclusive Christian community that offers a place of connection and belonging
- A safe place for you and your family to explore your faith and grow spiritually
- A refreshing worship experience that engages your mind and nurtures your soul
- A progressive expression of Christian tradition bringing relevance to issues and the people of the day
- A church which actively seeks peace, justice, and healing.


7025 Granville Street Vancouver, BC || Phone: #604.266.4944